Rice and beans with fish stew

Compiled by Rosemary Etim Bassey



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Rice and beans with stew is a meal in many Nigerian homes. It is usually served as lunch with fried plantain as a side dish. Ingredients Rice, black eyed beans (or beans of choice), Titus fish, onions, tomatoes, scotch bonnet, tomato paste, vegetable oil, thyme, fish seasoning of your choice, curry powder, seasoning cubes, minced ginger and garlic, salt. Recipe · Bring the rice to a boil in a pot. Then, in another saucepan, bring the beans to a boil. When the rice and beans are cooking, start preparing the stew’s ingredients. · Remove the gut from the fish by cutting it into 1-inch-thick slices. · After salting the fish and using your hands to work it into the slices, lay it aside. · One onion should be sliced, while the other should be diced. The scotch bonnet should be ground or blended. · In a clean pot, add the chopped onions, crushed stock cubes, and thyme. · Add a little water, then bring to a boil. · Boil the fish for 2 minutes. Flip the fish over and let it cook for an additional two minutes before removing it from the fish stock. · Fish stock should be set aside. Fry the fish in a tiny amount of vegetable oil until golden. · Put the fish aside and return the saucepan with the fish stock to the cooker (medium heat). · Add the blended pepper and tomato stew once it begins to boil once more. · To make the stew the consistency you desire, add a little water. · Add salt, stir, cover the pot, and let the stew boil until some oil floats to the top. Stir the stew occasionally while you wait for the oil to appear to prevent burning. · Add the fried fish once you can see the oil rising to the top. · As it starts to boil again, stir and cover until the stew is done!