NOA tasks Nigerians on tolerance, peaceful co-existence

By Seun Adeuyi



Media Trust Limited


The Director General of National Orientation Agency (NOA), Garba Abari, has implored Nigerians to promote unity while calling for the adoption of November 16 as an annual National Tolerance and Peaceful Co-existence Day. He spoke yesterday in Abuja at the national festival of tolerance and peaceful coexistence organised by NOA in collaboration with Pearl Trade West Africa with the theme, “An Impact Oriented Program with Community Intervention Programme.” “This would be a day set aside each year to celebrate our unity in diversity as a nation of diverse people. It will also be a day to promote awareness of our national ethics which include; Discipline, Integrity, Dignity of Labour, Social Justice, Religious Tolerance and Self-Reliance,” Abari said. He added, “It is commonplace for people to subconsciously hold implied and unspoken biases that affect how they think or feel about others from different ethnicities. These unconscious biases are the primary reason our society may appear to reflect the absence of inclusion of diversity in our growing democracy. “Therefore, the festival is essential to prime the hands of Nigerians annually on the need to respect and appreciate our diversities while creating an inclusive system necessary for national development.”