Why I love Nigeria

By Hauwa Sani Shehu, JSS2

Ilove Nigeria because I was born here. I love it because it is my country. It is home to my parents, siblings, and the people I love.

I love the warm breeze that wakes me up in the morning and the chilly cold that makes me pad myself with clothes during the harmattan.

I love it because it is beautiful. The sand dunes in Yusufari, the sight of luscious greens as far as the eyes can see in Gembu, the warm springs of Ikogosi in Ekiti, the calmness of the Tarkwa Bay Beach located close to the Lagos Harbour, the lure of nature in the magnificent Gashaka Gumti Park in Adamawa! Thinking of them makes me dreamy. I believe ours is the most beautiful country on Earth!

I love it because of the litany of natural resources we’ve been blessed with like petroleum, gold, silver, bitumen, sapphire, limestone and more.

Which other country can boast of the above? I think none! Hauwa is of Husna Science Academy, Kano






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