Maiduguri is polluted

Fa’iza Jibrin, Department of Mass Communication, University of Maiduguri.

Pollution an unhygienic and improper condition, which has been the basic environmental problem affecting most of the streets in Maiduguri and causing a lot of challenges in human life in the city.

Most of the places in the city are clogged with wastes

is that ultimately pollute the environment. Residents dispose of waste products indiscriminately. This is more glaring in areas such as Dala, Baga road, Shuwari I & II, London ciki, Gwange, Gomari, and Bolori.

The situation may get worse with the advent of the rainy season.

I believe this habit is largely as a result of lack of awareness by the people to the dangers posed by this behaviour.

Thus, there is the new need for government agencies responsible for the cleaning of the metropolis to embark on the enlightenment of the residents to the dangers of indiscriminate waste disposal and other actions that pollute the environment.

Similarly, appropriate laws should be applied on those who persist in polluting the environment to serve as a deterrent.






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