Problems associated with farming in Nigeria

By Dahiru Isa Adda’u, SS1 Dahiru is of Husna Science Academy, Kano



Media Trust Limited


Farming is widely practised in Nigeria. It is a lucrative venture that employs and provides for hundreds of thousands of able-bodied men and women all over the country. As a lucrative venture, agriculture contributed 30 per cent to Nigeria’s GDP as at September 2021. This area is riddled with many challenges in Nigeria. They include Bad roads: Without good roads, farm produce like tomatoes, onion and other perishables cannot be transported to the city. Lack of electricity: Electricity is used for many things in the farming process. For example, farmers use it to pump water and without water, crops will die. Flood: Nigeria suffers serious floods on a yearly basis and when this happens, thousands of farmlands are destroyed. Inadequate storage and processing facilities: Nigeria lacks the right facilities to properly store and process perishable farm products. It leads to losses worth millions of naira yearly. Inadequate Agricultural Education and Extension: Many farmers are still using old methods of farming. It won’t give them more profits. They need to be educated on modern-day farming methods. Others are inadequate finance and use of local farm implements.